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Awesome! I've finished my bachelor thesis so thank you very much and see the results here!

Hello, I’m Honza, I study marketing in Europe and I really need your help with my Bachelor Thesis. I’m writing the BT that is about low-cost campaigns for startups in the US. You might be interested ;) And I have to do a survey among you, guys, but I’m from the Czech Republic. It's more than 5100 miles! I need at least 300 respondents. Nobody believes I can achieve it. Classmates, friends, teachers... Suzanne does. She is my nice girlfriend. I said guys from startups’re great. They would give me a hand and I hope this crazy plan will work if not I’m kicked out. So guys, help me finish my studies please. In return I will send you the results, spread the word about your startup anywhere I’ll be, give you free publicity below

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You are awesome! Thank you for your support. Bachelor thesis, written by Honza Valustik, thanks to guys from startups.
I’m neither a web developer nor a graphic designer so excuse me that’s not the coolest web in the World. However, I’ve just learned how to code to create this site. Made with love in the Czech Republic.

Twitter: @honzavalustik